The Paradigm Shift

In the last 12-18mths my health has been really bad with prolonged bouts of illness, many months off work and a crazy number of visits to the doctor and hospital. But you know what, I’m really glad!

Yes, my health has given me quite the rollercoaster ride – and all being well it looks like that ride has come to an end so I can safely undo the safety harness and relax – but I have to say every twist and turn was worth it.

Let me explain…

Today’s post is about the Paradigm Shift (and no, that’s not the title of a latest Hollywood blockbuster!) – it’s about beliefs and how a single moment or event can radically change the way you think.

To demonstrate, here’s a quick story…

So there you are sitting on the subway home and as the train clatters down the tunnel you try to pass the time by reading your book. However, you are continuously being disturbed by a young kid who is noisily prancing around, distracting not just you but everyone in the immediate vicinity. Yes, kids are great but this little girl is really pushing the limit. What’s more the kid’s Dad is sitting right beside you and doing nothing to control his unruly daughter.

And so it keeps going, the kid getting noisier and noisier – and you keep trying to read that same page of the book – until bang, your book falls to the floor, knocked out of your hands by the prancing kid.

As you pick up your book you turn to the father ready to let rip how irresponsible he is being by not keeping his child under control…

But he speaks first, with a warm smile on his face…

“Sorry about that, I hope you don’t mind. I’m just so happy to see her having fun today, blissfully unaware”, he says, as a slight tear wells in his eye. “You see, we’re just on our way home from the hospital having seen my wife who is seriously ill – and thankfully my little girl doesn’t know critical her Mummy is.”

…and with that, your annoyance is gone.

Now that’s a Paradigm Shift.

In a single moment your worldview is shattered and a whole new reality is revealed …often for the better.

I’ve had many moments like this throughout my life where my view of a situation has changed dramatically thanks to one little nugget of information. For me, health is a classic trigger – one minute I’m thinking X and then a hospital visit puts everything in perspective!

So why the blog post?

Well, life and business are FULL of Paradigm Shifts.

Everyday there are things that could change your perspective in the blink of an eye.

The key is to notice them AND be willing to change your mind.

It’s the latter which is the crucial point. No one is right all of the time and it’s important to admit when you get things wrong. I make mistakes all of the time, hell, I’ve made a few just recently! Just last week, my carefully held worldview was shattered by a revelation which turned everything on it’s head …only to be spun around again by yet another jaw-dropper a day later …so as I discovered the true reality was somewhere in between.

And that’s the point…

If a subject is important to you, so important that you have elevated your thoughts on it to full-blown beliefs, then you owe it to yourself to keep your eyes and ears open for further info …because you might have got it wrong and a Paradigm Shift is just waiting to hit you.

Admittedly it’s a challenge because of a basic psychological fact, this being we tend to find what we going looking for, but to the neglect of everything else staring us in the face. In other words, we like to reinforce our beliefs with evidence which confirms our original thinking while simultaneously ignoring anything which seems to contradict.

But in business, we need to be smarter than that. Be willing to consider all viewpoints, be happy to challenge our original thinking and most importantly be prepared to admit we were wrong.

So here’s to your next Paradigm Shift, may it be a great one!