Burger baby burn! – Be visual, get noticed

Nowadays, small businesses are faced with an even greater challenge when wishing to grab the attention of customers. There’s so much ‘stuff’ happening in everyday life that your competition is not just your usual business competitors…

…it’s also everything else that is demanding the attention of your target audience.

Essentially, if you want to be heard, you need to shout…


If you and I were street-traders it would indeed be that simple – we would shout out to grab attention – and as long as we were louder than the others, as long as our voices rose above the noise, we’d get that attention.

But what about more traditional businesses? …how do businesses like ours “shout out”? …how can we get noticed despite the ‘noise’ of life and business?

The answer is ‘eye candy’ …how to be visually ‘louder’

Words are great, but sometimes they’re not enough. So if you want your business to get noticed you need to be visually interesting too. You need to give the customer some ‘eye candy’ to enjoy.

What follows are three very quick examples of how to visually grab attention and in doing so inspire your target audience to take action…

Example 1: Mystery Guitar Man and the McDonalds advert

The video below is by one of the coolest independent video makers around, called “Mystery Guitar Man” (he’s the one in the glasses). He started out on YouTube creating crazy videos which were different to anything out there, attracting so much attention he had the likes of Coke and McDonalds knocking at his door…

Keeping with the theme of “being different” this video is a great example of how a visual twist can hold attention …specifically, the setting is just a standard McDonalds restaurant, but he seems to have cloned himself many times over. So you end up watching the whole advert just to see where he will next appear. From a marketing point of view this is sheer brilliance, because the advert grabs and HOLDS your attention.

What’s also intriguing is the number of ‘social shares’ this guy gets…

…MILLIONS!   (and I’m not exaggerating)

Do you think a blog post or article could demand as much attention?

Example 2: Baby Brad Gosse

Top marketer, Brad Gosse, is renowned for his willingness to be different and when it comes to being visual he really pushes the boat out…

For example – Over the past year he has released a series of self-updating blogs that run on autopilot, automatically updating each day with 365 days of content, each piece directly linked to a high converting product …it’s a cool idea and many internet marketers buy them for the “set and forget” income opportunity.

BUT… for me the real magic is in how he visually grabs attention …and he doesn’t just save the ‘eye candy’ for customers either!

The images below are taken from the affiliate promotion video he did to attract partners for the launch of his “baby sign-language drip-blog”. So as you can see from that title, the end product is about parents teaching their babies to be able to use sign-language…

so naturally Brad dressed up as a baby and did the “signing” to his business partner’s presentation!

Despite marketers continually fighting for promotion partners, this video stood out and the result was a stack of affiliates rushing to support his launch.

But like I said, Brad is great at being ‘visual’ even his sales pages are far from being ‘standard’ stuff.

Rather than a typical ‘long copy’ sales page he has an in-house cartoonist …and as you will see, his visual style grabs attention (and yes, this style of sales page also converts really well too). Click HERE for the baby signing example and scroll down the page to SEE what I mean! (link opens as a new page)

Example 3: The W.A.A.R. video

Recently I launched The W.A.A.R. Report™ and I decided to go ‘ballistic’ on the visuals with a video-based sales page and even though I am clearly already a fan of ‘visual marketing’ I was astounded by the interest it created. Better still for me… I not only sold a crazy number of copies but also created a buzz around my promotion where affiliates and customers alike were actively talking about the video…

So what I’m saying is…

Using eye candy gets results!

Each of these three examples demonstrates that being visually-arresting gets you noticed and more importantly can be very good for business. The key is to let your imagination run riot!

  • McDonalds didn’t want a standard ‘burger’ advert they wanted something different …and a guy in sunglasses who appeared EVERYWHERE was just the ticket!
  • Brad was not afraid to be different and had a lot of fun as a baby …and that particular crazy idea was to get affiliates. Because their attention is important too!
  • The W.A.A.R. video has been my highest converting sales promotion ever …and the fact it is so different to anything out there has resulted in my message ‘going viral’ …without me doing a thing!

The point is… Being visual gets results, increases conversions and puts money in your bank.

So take a good LOOK at what you do… How can you incorporate ‘eye candy’ into your products, services and overall marketing?

You don’t have to be a great artist yourself …there are many of them out there just waiting to be hired by you. Check out sites like Fiverr.com for cartoonists, video creators and designers – and get them involved in your business.

And trust me when I say your investment will be repaid ten-fold !

Bottom-line: Business starts with grabbing attention – so if you fail to do that then you WILL get lost in the humdrum and noise of business in the 21st Century …so be smart, GET VISUAL!

As always I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any other great examples of visual marketing in action …just comment below.

Of course, if you want to know more about ‘eye candy’ and other great ways to engage your customers (and if you haven’t already got a copy!) click HERE to check out The W.A.A.R. Report™ …and enjoy the video while you’re at it!

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