About Michael

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About Michael

“Michael Christon is a maverick in the best sense of the word!”

“Creative”, “insightful”, “outrageous results-creator”, “a man of great integrity”, “dynamic business thinker”, “kick-ass strategist”, “number one choice”, “one of the good guys”, “awesome trainer” and “ticking time-bomb of genius ideas” are just some of the labels Michael Christon has been given over the years.

And from the beginning he’s always been a ‘little different’ …you might say a bit of a maverick!

So let’s start at that beginning – ENHANCE (the old brand of BusinessMagi) was founded by Michael Christon in 2001 following his barn-storming success as an unorthodox business manager and record-breaking salesman. I say ‘unorthodox’ as Michael was never one for ‘doing the same old thing and getting the same old results’ – his out-of-the-box thinking definitely rocked the boat a number of times for his employers.

To be frank, they couldn’t handle him!

Time to break out and go it alone

So breaking out from the shackles of traditional business, Michael created ENHANCE to further his ideas regarding better business that made ‘commonsense commonplace’ while producing awesome results for ENHANCE’s customers.

And not just business success, we’re talking personal success for the owner too! As Michael has often said, what is the point in going to all the effort of having your own business if it then doesn’t fulfil you personally.

Those simple ideas for better business are still the main thrust of our work …and over the years they have been proven time and time again to create astonishing success for all manner and sizes of business.

Michael and the ENHANCE years

Initially ENHANCE was a classic one-man consulting operation with Michael going into small-sized businesses and working with the owner to get increased results. But he quickly realised there was more to helping a business than simply sitting down and giving advice…

It was never about the classic consulting role of locking a client into a relationship so they have to come back to you if they want success… From the get-go Michael has always been about getting businesspeople to do it for themselves.

With questions like…

  • What about the need for specific business knowledge and skill rather than simply advice?
  • How to go about this so all involved are interested and enthused throughout the process?
  • What about the personal needs/issues of the owner?
  • Why is it, that two seemingly similar businesspeople get different results to each other depending on the circmstances? What is ‘the difference that is making the difference’?

…Michael went around the world to train with the greatest minds and thinkers – and in turn ENHANCE was transformed into a potent hybrid of consulting, coaching and training.

The birth of the Magi

In 2010, having enjoyed many years of success, ENHANCE was rebranded as BusinessMagi as part of a new online drive with products and services delivered via the web. All the past priniciples of ENHANCE are still there, but this time you get instant access to your learning thanks to the power of the internet. This also kick-started a creative evolution as Michael was let loose on video learning and marketing …things haven’t been the same since!

It’s about getting results

Just like with his own training, Michael has always gone out of his way to meet, work with and learn from the best. Throughout the life of the business he has poured that liquid gold into the products and service of BusinessMagi, like the…

  • Ice-cool secrets of great achievement from a Polar Explorer who defied temperatures as low as -70° and the agony of a near-crippling injury to reach the South Pole. These ideas became the foundation of the Expedition to the goal™ programme and have inspired many to greater success
  • Uncompromising, straight-talking leadership skills of a former Brigadier of the British Royal Marines – Again these ideas formed the basis of a series of presentations entitled Leading on the edge of chaos™
  • Countless coaching insights from great sporting achievers like the exact thought pressure-beating process of a world-class Rugby Union fly-half whose kicking ability is legendary and the shocking insider-knowledge of winning gleamed from a world-renowned Formula 1 driver
  • Jaw-dropping results of a top salesperson who smashed the company record of 1 in 3 closes and rocketed it to 10 out of 11! This explosive salesmanship is the volatile core of Mind, body and sold™ and has proven time and time again to produce outrageous results

…and the list keeps going.

The fact is – If Michael has discovered an example of astonishing success, no matter where from, then he will transform that into business thinking and teachings …and you will enjoy the fruits!

And he’s still rocking the boat! …for your benefit

Just because it’s ‘always been that way’ does not make it right …or safe from the grasp of Michael!

If it works then he’ll improve it, if it doesn’t work he’ll overhaul it! – There’s many an orthodox approach which has been ripped apart and reassembled to create something far more effective for businesses just like yours. As Michael sees it, at some point convention becomes a restriction – and Michael won’t let that get in the way of your success.

His latest endeavour is bringing his deep knowledge and experience in the field of sales psychology to web-based video, creating engaging and highly-converting videos. See www.videomagi.tv for more details.

So what’s with the promise of the “gory truth”?

Well everything is great now, but it wasn’t always an easy run for Michael… At the beginning of 2008 he learnt the hard way the perils of not ‘practising what you preach’…

As he puts it:

“Fuelled by sky-high blood pressure, a hereditary blood-clotting-disorder, a 3am emergency and an uninvited stay in hospital, I finally ‘got it’. In those blood-soaked moments I finally understood the business transformation secrets I had (ignorantly) given so many of my clients but had failed to see for myself… Reality had grabbed me by the throat, slammed me down for a serious “attitude adjustment” and suddenly everything was crystal clear”

Just to be clear, this was not about ‘finding God’ or something similar – this was about suddenly realising a better business, and more importantly a better life which made Michael happier, healthier and richer.

So why tell you this?

Simple – I want you to know that Michael is not some consulting-cowboy who has never experienced ‘real business’…

FAR FROM IT! Michael has seen the flames, felt the heat and been burnt! Which means he’s all the better for helping you. Because he ‘gets it’…

So, enough of reading about Michael – It’s time to experience it directly …so get stuck into what Michael can offer you and your business!